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Ray Comfort

A False Evangelist

Ray Comfort's ministry is an "interdenominational" ministry ( He uses this term in the context of "God's people." Thus, it is evident that he is on the broad way (Matthew 7:13-14), because he believes there are many doctrinal forms of Christianity that are legitimate. He believes in many faiths (interdenominational), not one faith (Ephesians 4:5; John 14:6). This is ecumenism and a denial of the way of truth (for more detail, see our article, "You Think You're Saved, But You're Not!").

His ecumenism is further revealed in his statement,

When people call and ask where I stand on the charismatic issue, prophecy, predestination, etc., I tell them that I don't have an opinion because I don't want to divide the Body of Christ. (, hard copies of all documentation)

In other words, he won't take a stand on controversial Biblical issues. He does not love the truth. He does not love Christ (John 14:6). He does not hate every false way (Psalm 119:104, 128). He does not contend for the faith (Jude 3). He does not live out 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Yet, he is a spiritual leader.

On his bio page he writes,

I refer doctrinal and theological issues back to the local pastors, since my calling is to come alongside them, to win the lost and to encourage them to get into fellowship. (

So, in other words, he supports a whole host of false doctrine, and sends people to be fed this false doctrine, because different denominations teach all kinds of different things regarding a wide variety of Biblical issues; and so false doctrine abounds; and he is not concerned about the truth one iota.

His broad way is further revealed in the statement,

17. How do you witness to a Roman Catholic? The problem is that he is most likely not born again. (

By saying "most likely" he leaves room for the possibility of the oxymoron of a "born again Catholic." The truth is, every single Catholic is lost, not born again, and on their way to hell, because they are caught in a false religion, are therefore idolaters (1 Corinthians 6:9-10), and are not in the truth, Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

His doctrinal lewdness is further revealed on his bio page in which is written,

Ray Comfort's ministry has been commended by Franklin Graham, Ravi Zacharias, John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, Josh McDowell, Dr. Norman Geisler, Bill Gothard, David Wilkerson, Joni Eareckson Tada, and many other Christian leaders. He has written for Billy Graham's Decision magazine and Bill Bright's Worldwide Challenge. (

They write this as a good thing. These men are false teachers. See our reports on some of these men.

Ray Comfort also "is a regular platform speaker at Southern Baptist State Conferences" ( See our report on this denomination and our report on Charles Stanley.

His lack of discernment is further revealed in his love for Spurgeon. He has a book out condoning Spurgeon who is also a false teacher ( See our report on Spurgeon.

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